University of Physical Education


The University of Physical Education is facing of its greatest development opportunities since being established in 1925. Besides renewing the educational content, our university has the possibility to be part of a major infrastructure development project. As a result of the modern curriculum, the multifunctional sports facilities and the community space, students have the opportunity to enrich themselves with memories and get competitive knowledge during their university years.


The University of Physical Education is one of the oldest and most successful higher education institutions in the field of physical education. It preserves its traditions, but also meets the requirements of our age by providing a broad knowledge in the field of physical education. There are only a few universities in the world where practice and sport science are being combined at such high level. The initial goal of the institution was teacher training in physical education, which later on has further developed into coach training. Due to the fast development of physical education and the world of sport, new departments had been organized, new courses had become part of the curriculum such as recreation, human kinesiology and sport management. The University of Physical Education is the only university in Hungary providing doctoral training in sport science. Coaches of a number of Olympic-, World-, and European Champions have completed their studies at the University of Physical Education. Amongst our Honorary Doctors, there are numerous outstanding representatives of international sport diplomacy and sport science.


The International Relations Center (IRC) of the university facilitates all the mobility activities, institutional partnerships, projects and training programs of the students, faculty and international alumni of the UPE community. The IRC serves the internationalization of UPE. We provide mobility services for international and Hungarian students and faculty, where we represent UPE in the international arena, enhance foreign language training programs and help research-based international collaborations as well.


International short term trainings, like our International Coaching Course are also run under IRC supervision, while other foreign language training programs can utilize our services, too. We all work for high quality education, research and foreign learning/working opportunities of our students, educators and researchers.