Accreditation to take place in ten days

Accreditation for the EUSA Mindsport Championship to be held in Budapest between 24th and 28th July will take place on 23rd and 24th.


The location of the accreditation is the welcome desk of the main hall at the University of Physical Education, Budapest. 


The necessary data of participants for accreditation include name, temporary and permanent address, date and place of birth, nationality, passport number, gender, university, faculty and year of study, phone number and email address.


A numbered accreditation card with a recently taken photograph will be issued to each competitor whose dossier has been approved by EUSA. An accreditation card will be issued also to all EUSA representatives, referees, VIP guests, security and medical staff, journalists, volunteers, OC members, team officials and all other people involved in organization.


Participants may access designated areas of the competition and non-competition venues and may use eligible services only with the accreditation card.


Competitors cannot be accredited after the GTM. Competitors are obliged to show the accreditation card to the official in charge of the match.