Bridge is getting more popularity in Hungary

Although bridge has been played in Hunagry since the 1960s-1970s, it was acknowledged by the Hungarian state only in 2001. Bringing the 6th European Universities Bridge Championship to Budapest is a great opportunity to get closer to the game.


Géza Homonnay, President of the Hungarian Bridge Federation has expressed that it is a great pleasure Hungary has won the right to organise the 6th European Universities Bridge Championship. In his opinion, this will be an outstanding event for junior sports organised by the University of Physical Education (TE), Budapest, and the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS). This confirms the agreement set in the beginning of 2018 with TE, where the university will have a three-year sports coach in bridge correspondent program. After two years of preparation, organising the European Universities Bridge Championship has been a great challenge and achievement.


Bridge is an entertaining sport which started developing in the sixties and seventies in Hungary, and it became popular at the universities at that time, too. That generation still provides the majority of competitors.


Bridge became acknowledged and sponsored by the state in Hungary in 2001. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognised bridge as a sport and since in 2008, and it has also been listed on the programme of the Mind Sports Olympiad.