EUSA: making voices heard

The European University Sports Association is not only an organisation responsible for university sports, but it is also an association that has expertise in policy making. 


The European University Sports Association (EUSA) is an umbrella organization that comprises National University Sports Associations (NUSA) from 46 European countries, providing sporting activities, educational events, and expertise in policy making and programming. The organization is well known within the sector as a safe and strong voice for university sports in Europe, promoting fair play values and supporting their membership by partnering with European Sports Federations and lobbying within the European Union, the Council of Europe and other institutions for funding to improve the provision of sport.  EUSA is a proud and active associated member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and also works with other Continental University Sports Federations (CUSF).


The EUSA believes that mind sports’ role in developing and promoting university sport is as important as sports requiring physical activity.