EUSA Mind Sports 2019 coming to Budapest

In preparation for the European Universities Mind Sports Championship 2019, which will be hosted in Budapest next year and include the European Universities Bridge and Chess Championships, EUSA Technical Delegates for Bridge and Chess visited the Hungarian capital between on November 14 and 15, 2018.

EUSA Technical Delegate for Bridge Mr Harry Van de Peppel and EUSA Technical Delegate for Chess Mr Oleksandr Sulypa were welcomed by representatives of the organising committee and their partners, lead by Mr Tamas Sterbenz as the Chairman, and also the Vice Rector of the University of Physical Education and Vice President of the Hungarian University Sports Federation. Also present were Mr Mate Nagy, secretary general OC, Mr Daniel Mezei, Communication manager, Ms Szilvia Perenyi, Volunteers coordinator, Mr Gyorgy Kovacs, HUSF Deputy Secretary General, and representatives of the Chess Federation Mr Gabor Kallay and representative of the Bridge Federation Mr Adam Magyar.

EUSA Technical Delegates with the OC team

Together, they inspected the venues, had a tour of the University, checking out the playing rooms, dormitories and other required facilities.

University tour

Also other organisational aspects were discussed, confirming good preparation of the event.

Operational meetings

The Championships will be held in Budapest between July 24-28 next year in cooperation with the European Bridge League (EBL) and European Chess Union (ECU).


Source: Article from EUSA News