Playing bridge: fitness for the mind, exercise for the body

Harry van de Peppel,EUSA Bridge Technical Delegate has emphasised that it is a great pleasure for the European Bridge community to be able to participate once again in EUSA’s sport programme, the second time within EUSA Mind Sports Championships, and the sixth time as the European Universities Bridge Championship. Mr. van de Peppel is very excited to be in Budapest which is a city full of life, and a great place to promote University Bridge.


It is well known that bridge is fitness for the mind, but few of us would think that it also requires a great deal of physical fitness. Recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Bridge is not just a sport of skill and strategy, but also a sport of mental and physical stamina.


Therefore mind sports, including bridge should have a bigger presence among university students. The European Bridge community hopes the European Universities Bridge Championship 2019 will take more steps in promoting Bridge within the university community, both in Hungary and across Europe.


Mr. van de Peppel is convinced that the Organization Committee has worked hard and created the conditions for a great championship, for which he expressed his gratitude. Now it is completely up to the athletes to make this championship a real sporting success.