Tight competition expected at the EUSA Chess Championship 2019

Ukrainian chess grandmaster Oleksandr Sulypa, member of the EUSA Technical Delegate says Eastern European universities have the greatest chance of winning at the EUSA Chess Championship in Budapest, 2019.


Did it take you by surprise that Hungary’s application for organising the EUSA Mindsports Championship was successful?

From the very beginning there were several applications for the Championship. I supported the Games in Budapest, because I saw a lot of support from University of Physical Education.In the application from Budapest was everything from the organization to the tournament.  Therefore, it is logical that the application won the competition.


What was your main impression when you visited the venue and the site in Budapest in November 2018?

Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.  I am very happy to be in this amazing city again and again. I think Budapest can easily hold any large-scale competition like European Universities Games or the European Games.


There were no Ukrainian chess players present at the EUSA Chess Championship in 2017. What was the reason?

I previously had agreements with universities, but the teams did not come because of the bad economic situation in Ukraine.  Now life has improved, so the teams began to appear.  I think that universities from Ukraine have a lot to learn in terms of organizing competition from Hungary.


Looking at the list of registered participants, which teams and individuals have the greatest chance of winning among both men and women?

As usual, the main favourite is from Russia, then I will note Universities from Serbia, Armenia, Poland and Ukraine.I hope that local universities will be able to compete with them.However, chess is sport. Let the strongest win!


photo: FIDE